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Labels and packaging represent perhaps the largest growth area in today’s printing industry, and study after study has shown that the potential for growth in digital packaging is substantial. For example, Smithers has found that the global printed packaging and label sector is a market worth $517.7 billion this year, and it will grow at an average CAGR of 3.0%, with digital printing significantly ahead of the analog segments.

Today, Sean Smyth looks into the box his crystal ball came in and offers a peek at what the future of packaging holds, and Joanne Gore explains how print providers can capitalize on labels and packaging to generate new revenue streams.

On Tuesday, David Zwang looks at the current state of the emerging “web-to-pack”—a packaging-centric iteration of web-to-print that offers myriad opportunities yet great complexity in the world of online consumerism. Also on Tuesday, Ralf Schlözer provides a primer on embellishments for packaging, and presents some highlights from Taktiful/WhatTheyThink’s landmark Specialty Inks and Toners Study. We also present our Executive Q&A with with Lisa DiGate from Labels & Packaging Issue sponsor Michelman, a provider of innovative specialty coating solutions for the labels and packaging market. Find out how Michelman is “Innovating a Sustainable Future.”

PRINTING United Expo and drupa are on the horizon, so there is a lot of development going on with packaging press and converting machine manufacturers to address the new shifting market requirements. So, on Wednesday, David Zwang takes a look at the latest developments, and how the printing and converting processes can align. Heidi Tolliver-Walker also looks at consumer attitudes regarding packaging sustainability. Consumers want more sustainable packaging—but at what price?

On Thursday, digital embellishment maven Kevin Abergel looks at how embellishments on consumer and retail packaging and labels can be key differentiators for brands in a highly competitive consumer market. Going beyond packaging, Cary Sherburne offers a reality check on the reshoring of textiles and apparel production.

Finally, on Friday, our Tales from the Database series looks at how respondents to WhatTheyThink’s annual “Print Business Outlook Survey” have seen labels and packaging as a new business opportunity and the extent to which they are investing in label and packaging printing technologies. 

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